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Give your NFT more life (and maybe value). Get it cast in our animated storylines.

The first story arc... has been released.

BATFOX tells the tale of a vigilante journalist who yearns to be a someone in Capital City. Let's hope he can pay the cost.

Think your NFT should join this arc? 

Write their story and post it to our Twitter.




The answer is not so black and white.

Some call it a realm where NFT Characters are brought to life and entangled in animated storylines.

Others may see a multiverse economically designed for community-owned and grown content.

Many will know it for its tales that blend reality and fantasy.

We consider it a collaborative, distributed animation studio.

"Our first animated saga"

Capital City Chronicles shows the plight of numerous characters in a city filled with schemers and dreamers.


The magic begins when we pin a story arc to our Twitter feed.

For an opportunity to have your NFT casted in a storyline and join our whitelist:

- Respond to the pinned tweet with a picture of your NFT.
- Share your character's story;
- Tell us how your character will interact with the pinned arc.

Needless to say, greater success will go to those who are able to
write intriguing content while staying in the theme of both the story arc and world.

For inspiration, check out the bio sample below. 



NFT: DEGEN #6293


Javi and his brother, Burgie, left home in order to show their father that they can make it as stars in Capital City. As a fashionista, he faces hurdles being a tiny man in a tall woman's game. In desperation he visits a city “psychic” to get an edge. It works, but with a cost.




By day he's Jerry Buns, a fry cook with no internet followers. At night he becomes BATFOX, a ‘Social Justice Warrior’ set out to expose crime for the sweet taste of online attention. But with great clout comes great haters. Especially when his antics interfere with  business.




A shy Galactic Ape waiting for his first mission finds himself crash-landing in a foreign city and abandoned by his leadership. To make things worse, he has no money..and no monkey. But the power he's so insecure of is one the city finds useful: the ability to run really fast.

>>> THE TEAM <<<


Your storyteller and the Grey Verse architect.

A scheming software developer turned investment strategist.

His encounters with the darker side of finance are conveyed in the tales of Capital City.



Your Creative Director and NFT Life Bringer.

A visual storyteller and animator who left behind a royal bloodline of a small island to pursue her truth.

Along her journey she became a Fulbright scholar, Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker, and a Muay Thai fighter.

Now, can all her talents help transform Capital City?



The Kongressman is the ultimate connector and crafter of alliances.

A rare form of politician in Capital City due to his compassion for the people and ability to create genuine bonds.

He’s also pretty adorable which helps.

But don’t let the childlike nature fool you, he takes his monkey business very seriously.




DJ Sunscreen cooks up some of the most potent vibes in Capital City.

Despite not seeing much sun in his underground labs, he can always light up an audio track,

His work has been played through tv shows, films, and advertisements.

But potent vibes can lead to intense experiences. A few of Sunscreen's sounds may prove too much for the city to handle.



Sake comes from the mean streets of IRL Real Estate to help sculpt Capital City into the sprawling digital metropolis it soon will become



Penguin Labs is the smartest choice for smart contract development. Thanks to them we can save you more in gas fees than a Zooter electric scooter.



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